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The Beagle is a modern breed of beagle-type dogs that are known for more than 2000 years. It is believed the modern Beagle was developed from several dog breeds – North Country Beagle, Southern Hound and Talbot Hound around the year 1830 in Great Britain. This dogs primary function was to serve as scent hound to track hare, rabbits and others. Thanks to their intelligence, medium size and lack of health problems, Beagles are also popular home pets.

This site will give you the basic information about this dog breed, describe the basics in treating and feeding the Beagle as well as show some nice photos or videos featuring this amazing dog breed. Contact me, if you have a beagle yourself and would like your photo featured here. Welcome and enjoy your stay.

Potential Health Problems with Beagles

The beagle is basically a very healthy dog with very few recurring hereditary diseases. Of course, without proper medical care while in the pup stage, the beagle can develop many problems regarding health. The most common diseases that can affect this particular breed are various allergies, epilepsy, cherry eyes, hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia and back problems. Luckily, most of these potential problems can be prevented with good puppy care and careful breeding practices. However, despite their natural resistance to disease, beagles tend to get injured more often than other dogs because they love to run and crawl around in tight spaces. Because of this tendency of theirs it also sometimes happens that dogs of this breed develop back problems. The beagle’s long body and relatively short legs also add to this potential problem. Issues with ears can sometimes develop in this breed because of their length and the quantity of the dust that can accumulate there. This can be avoided with careful grooming.

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Even though the beagle is a short haired breed that doesn’t require a lot of grooming, it’s advisable to clean the region around their eyes as often as possible to prevent potential problems. Also, in order to avoid any sort of ear infection you should regularly wipe its ears since the moist there can be a great place for microorganisms to grow.

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Other than what was already mentioned, you will have a very healthy dog. In fact, unfortunately for many dogs of this breed, the beagle is so healthy that it’s the dog of choice for medical trials performed on animals. Of course, every dog has a story of its own and can differ from the breed characteristics in many ways, so the most important thing to do is to keep an eye on its health and perform regular veterinary checkups. In most cases it usually turns up just right. Aside of the small number of occasional flaws the beagle is a healthy dog and a great friend.

Beagle health and general health problems

The beagle is basically a very healthy dog with very few hereditary diseases. But without proper medical care the beagle could have many problems regarding health. But the few problems it has can be a deal breaker. The most common diseases that can hit this particular breed are various allergies, epilepsy, cherry eyes,hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia and back problems. Most of the responsible breeders that provide Beagle puppies have carefully solved many of these problems over the years. Still there is always a risk of new injuries. Since the Beagle loves to run and crawl around in tight spaces it often happens that this breed has some back problems.

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That is because of its long body and relatively short legs. Also the Beagle is known to often have ears and eyes problems because of the length of the ears and the quantity of the dust that can accumulate from there. This all can however be avoided with the right amount of grooming. Even thought the Beagle is a short haired breed that doesn’t require a lot of grooming it’s advisable to clean them in the eyes region every day. Also to prevent any sort of ear infection you should take good care in how you wipe its ears since the moist there can be a great place for microorganisms to grow. Other than that you have a very healthy dog.

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In fact he is so healthy that it’s the dog that is most used in the medical trials they do on animals. Naturally every dog is a story for himself and can differ from the breed characteristics in many ways, so the most important thing to do is to keep an eye on him and all in all in most cases it usually turns up just all right. Aside the small number of flaws the Beagle is a healthy dog and a great friend.

More about the Beagle dog race

Beagle is a beautiful race of dogs. They are originally made as hunting dogs and over the years they have adapted as beautiful pets also. The beagle has a strong sense of smell and that is why they are often used as tracking dogs in various catastrophes. The beagle is known for its desire to smell and find whether people or objects and point them out. That is why the beagle is starting to be used as a rescue to find buried people. They are also starting to be used as a dog that searches drugs and explosive and because of their peaceful nature they are a good choice because the risk of them tripping and activating the bomb is very small. Since they have been developed primary as hunting dogs they require lots and lots of walks.

So it’s natural to say that a house with a big yard is a prefect choice for all of those who have the beagle. If you decide to keep this particular breed in your apartment be ready for long walks since with ought it the dog may develop a harsh temperament. And that is something that is also natural for Beagle and the most common problem for those who use it as a pet. That is something that every Beagle owner has to pay attention to. But with proper care the Beagle is a fantastic family dog and that trait had ensured him the position of a recovery dog. The well trained Beagles are often used in hospitals as dogs that help seniors recover by forcing them to leave the room and walk. They are simply the dogs you have to fall in love to. They are easy to groom, they look naturallybeautiful and they will give you ten times the love you give to them.

They also have rarely hereditary diseases that are common for many breeds and that is why they are the most common used testing dogs. As mentioned before the Beagles have excellent noses and they are more and more putt to work on airports for the customs agencies since they have a passive nature and they don’t scare the people walking by. Also this is a very intelligent breed and with training you can perfect it in many fields. The biggest problem that beagle owners will have with it will be that they are great escape artists and often you will have to wonder around the block looking for them. But with training this problem can be overcome with ease. The only thing that beagles don’t excel at is being a guard dog because of their gentle nature and the fact that they are easily won over. But this also can be forced into change with training but it’s not advised because that would alter their natural temperament and that can spawn many problems in the future. If you want a dog that is a good family dog but can have a variety of other roles the Beagle is the breed for you.

Beagle is a Hunters friend

Beagle is one beautiful dog and a really popular home pet, but its true nature sets it to be a real hunters friend. Originally bred as hunting dogs, Beagles are still one of the most popular hunting breeds all over the world. This relatively small animal is a perfect scent dog, and a fast running and jumping dog. Most Beagle have no problems keeping the track of the animal and keeping them in move.


Beagles are used for rabbit hunting the most. They are perfect for scenting the rabbits and getting them out of their hiding spots, so they are easy to spot by the hunters. Beagles are also perfect at retrieving shot rabbits and bringing them to the hunters. For a successful rabbit hunt, you need a perfectly synchronized pack of Beagles, they have to work together. Its important to build your pack from compatible individuals, they have to work together and not get distracted easily.


The best way to keep your hunting Beagles ready to hunt, is regular exercise and following an established training routine. This might be hard especially during the summer when high temperatures make it complicated, but you should always find time to take your Beagles for a run. This way, they will be in perfect shape when the hunting season hit in fall.

Beagle Puppy Care

There are not many animals that would be more cute than a Beagle puppy. Its big eyes are really hard to resist, especially kids are sold the minute they see a beagle puppy. But keep in mind a puppy is not a toy and this is especially true with this dog breed. There are a few things you need to know before you decide to buy a Beagle puppy, so let me sum it up for you.


Before you bring your Beagle puppy home, make sure you remove all that the little dog could and surely would destroy – flower on the floor, uncovered wires, secure cabinet doors etc … simply put, the puppy will explore your home and bite and chew anything it finds. You also need to prepare a sleeping and resting spot for your new family member, buy some dog bed or mat. Small chewing toys are also a good idea with any puppy.


You also need a food and water bowl, always make sure your dog has access to fresh water, especially when feeding it dry food. For the start, you should use the same food as the breeder who sold you your Beagle puppy as it is used to it already. When choosing food for your puppy, make sure you buy some from a high quality producer, do not save money on this, your dogs health depends largely on quality diet. Always feed your puppy in several smaller doses, not the whole daily dose at once.


You should visit a veterinarian few days after you bring your puppy home and agree on a vaccination plan with the doc who should do an introductory health check and confirm the good standings of your dog. My last advice – when you bring the puppy make sure you are not stressing it more than needed. The simple fact that its taken away from the mother is stressful enough, its unwanted to stress it more with excessive attention from family members. Keep in mind the Beagle puppy needs a lot of sleep and rest.


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